“The Vinyl Door is Virtually Kid proof” - Exactly what does that mean?

It is inevitable that kids will always play sports in the driveway. No matter what sport it is, baseball, basketball, or football, a strong enough toss will eventually hit the door. Most of the time this causes a dent in the steel door and anger among parents. Our company does not advertise these types of games, considering abuse is not covered under our warranty. However, we have a reputation for throwing a ball against the door to illustrate the doors exceptional impact resistance, so we can show our customers. All Shore Garage Door’s Vinyl Garage Doors- Virtually Kid proof.

Give an up close peak at the Vinyl Door’s raised panel design and you will recognize three things right away:

1. The surface sparkles with a traditionally designed, gorgeous wood-grain complexion that you essentially need to touch to truly appreciate.

2. The grain is not a randomly placed design. It genuinely switches direction, similar to real wood, where the post connects to the beam, even on the trim.

3. The raised panel design is notably profound and perfectly proportioned, similar to the ones you would find on a Premium door.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS I could not believe how much the new doors changed the look of my house. I replaced the garage doors and now my home looks beautiful. Thanks

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